z team
Design strong and tech savvy, Z Studio is a visual communication agency that creates memorable branding, dynamic websites, and effective user experiences that will delight you, and more importantly, your customers.
Who we are...
  • Karen O. Zimmermann, founder and designerKaren has a commitment to clients that is second to none. Promoting a business starts with understanding it, and then finding the plan and strategy, and the colors and words to make its voice be heard. In addition to being blessed with awesome Z Team partners, Karen writes for fun and is working hard on perfecting her paella.
  • Corey Blake, design and content developer Corey is a forward looking, let’s-give-it-a-try kind of thinker. She is fascinated by words, design, and the interplay between the two. She writes copy that sings or sighs as needed, and builds graphics with meaning. Meticulous, with a strong math background and a keen sense of the absurd, her designs merge precision and play.
And a supporting cast of many...
    • JR SandinThe man behind the curtain. JR is our go-to person for complex programming. He has pulled many a rabbit out of a hat for us, so it is no surprise that his pets are rabbits, named Emo and Taco.mdiwebsites.com
    • Rogier van BakelA native of the land of Vermeer and van Gogh, Rogier brings the famous Dutch sense of light and composition to photography. Lovely photos of B&Bs, sumptuous product shots, food images that have you reaching for a fork, Rogier captures the essence.eagereyephoto.com
  • Throw in trusted consultants, printers, editors, the cat next door who drops by for a pat, and Deb who keeps our books balanced, and it adds up to a team you can count on. Print or web, good design is elemental, exciting, and why we do what we do.